At Anushri Yogalaya, we aim to provide the goodness of yoga to everyone. And this will help you to live a stress-free life through our specially tailored Yoga Training Course which has the registration from the Yoga Alliance.

A serene place which will fill you with positive energy immediately and calm your senses. We founded our studio in an attempt to inspire people to worship their body through yoga and attain the bliss. Yoga teacher training holds a great significance in terms of yoga, as it is well known as the capital of Yoga and meditating here can bring you closer to actualizing the  Moksha.  Here we help you balance, visual elements to for achieving the unity as well as harmony in life.

Our Misson

To spread our knowledge we are offering classes to spread yoga to all the corners of the world.This is a professional course consisting of 200 hours which accredited with the Yoga Alliance. The yoga teacher training in India will focus on the Hatha Yoga, which will help the students to obtain a solid foundation in yoga. And even open their mind as well as heart to new experiences.

We provide the classes for a group only 20 students to enhance the learning experience which will cater to each individual participating it and give them the essence of the philosophy of yoga. The location itself will bring a sense of calm to you which will augment your learning experience and make it outstanding.

Our Vision

Everyone in the world knows the benefits of yoga. And what makes us stand out is our knowledge from our gurus which we passionately want to spread among our students through experienced teachers. And these teachers can help you achieve the awareness in the spiritual, mental as well as the physical state. And our teachers will guide you through this journey and their experience along with skillful teaching will give you the best chances for self-development.

Our team has obtained their training from famous yoga masters and have years of experience in practicing yoga. The yoga teacher training will help the students to gain knowledge from our exceptional team which can help the students to spread this valuable tradition to the next generation.

Anushri Yogalaya has the vision for the people from across the world to be free from restless life and bring themselves towards peace and love to balance their life. Anushri yogalaya has a vision to give people, opportunity to hear what is unheard, opportunity to have a clear understanding of what is heard and opportunity to have a clear vision.