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Migraine Treatment

Headaches are usual and caused due to lack of sleep, excessive work, or other reasons. But migraine is a neurological ailment that leads to the intense throbbing in some specific part of the head. The intensity of the headache keeps changing. It also causes nausea and sensitivity towards light and sound. Any hormonal change in the body can trigger migraine. Excessive stress, alcohol, and smoking are also significant causes. If you have a migraine issue, your headache can easily be activated with loud noise and bright flashing lights. The treatment of migraine includes pain-relieving and preventive medicines. Some of these are Antipsychotics, stimulants, Nerve pain medication, Neurotoxin, and Dietary supplements. Your doctor may also suggest therapies like muscle relaxation and acupuncture. It helps a lot in eliminating the pain and avoiding severe migraines. One should also make changes in their lifestyle for migraine management. ● Proper sleep is a must to recover the body and mind from stress. It helps in minimizing the pain and also avoids them to a great extent. ● Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Daily exercising reduces the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. ● Eating hearty meals and keeping yourself hydrated helps a lot to keep your brain fit and immune.

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