From a very young age, I was drawn towards a profound method of daily living and to establish the mind-body connection. I adored yoga from the beginning, explored various yoga styles. At the age of 23, I started rehearsing yoga with my son and daughter and the smoothness, magnificence, and meditative qualities of yoga caught my heart. I had no aims of educating yoga, I wanted to immerse myself in yoga training to extend my own practice. But I didn't knew that, the universe had planned different for me.

I have trained 200+ yoga instructors through PMKVY NSDC

I love to conduct my classes with great energetic people who just have different views towards life and rejuvenate it. The classes are well organized followed by some great music to relieve the mind from tension. However, my classes have one on one focus.

I do work with the local community utilizing yoga as an apparatus to help address, survey, and work through physical injuries and imbalances and cultivate a more noteworthy feeling of mindfulness, recuperating, and balance in the body and brain.

I am reliably continuing with my yoga training and glad to be a part of the Yoga community where the guidelines of instruction are increasing current standards in wellbeing and health. I endeavour to bring yoga into regular day to day existence by doing, developing, and genuinely living it, allowing peace and happiness to flourish inside and spread to other people.

I am continuously learning and growing my experience and knowledge in this deep-rooted practice.

Diploma in yoga therapy teacher training from Indian school of yoga by Dr. A.S. Ashok Kumar

Master diploma in Yoga Therapy

Certified yoga instructor from BWSSC SKILL INDIA, NSDC, PMKVY Project PMKVY Yoga Instructor Course Level 5

Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy

PG Diploma Yoga in Thirumanthiram

I have studied yoga from different schools and completed from one of the prestigious masters from Odisha


Reiki training .

Lamafera Yoga Training.

Dragon Reiki Master.

Dragon Acupuncture.

Seed Therapy Practitioner .

Sujok Therapy Practitioner.