Mantra yoga

Mantra yoga

It is the yoga sound based. A mantra is a coded form of energy in the way of sound. Mantra means the force which liberates the mind from bondage. It means go beyond. The word mantra comes from the root man to think and the suffix .

Tra suggest instrumentality. Repeatation of sacred recitation is mantra yoga. The mantra is essentially a mysterious code that unlocks the pathway of spirituality. A mantra is a sacred utterance or sound charged with.

Psyche spiritual power. The most recognized and important mantra is the sound om. It denotes itself to uttering the name of god and other incarnations. It prescribes the repetition of certain sounds for achieving stability in meditation. Concentration and state of consciousness. Mantra yoga the science of sound and vibration includes chanting incarnations and the repetition of sacred formulae which affect mind, emotion and health.

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