100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India.

100 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is considered as the pre-ttc to 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh. This is the course designed for the people who want to understand yoga before they start their journey in Yoga. 100 hour yoga teacher training at Mira Yogashala is a special becuase all the students of this course will be treated special as this will be the first step to the students in the path of Yoga. We understand the importance of basics and our instructors take maximum care to lay the strogest foundation to our students so that they can grow very high in the field of Yoga.

In this stressful life, our body is polluted with toxins which need to be flushed out to regain the balance of the body and make it healthy. Our yoga therapy is well known to address the diseases occurring in the body and we focus on eliminating it completely to give a healthy life. Our classes will give your body the much needed positive vibration which will flush out the negative thoughts along with the toxins in the body. The yoga teacher training in India will the opportunity for students to absorb this divine knowledge with an added bonus of the tranquil location which will calm the soul.

The main aim of of our program is to spread the awareness of Yoga to different parts of the world. Because in yoga we treat entire world as our family. So our program directly helps in development everyone as a family.

What characterizes us?

Rishikesh, is refered as ''the Yoga capital of the world''. Very few people get chance to learn and practice yoga in this holy city. Surrounded by the holy waters of the Ganges, set onto the hills of the Himalayan Mountains. Also experience the scenic beauty of Himalayas and ganga aarthi with out which a Yoga teacher training program will not become complete. Next important thing about program is our instructors. Being born in the holy land of Rishikesh and visited many foreign coutries like China, Japan, Bali, Russia etc. They have a vast knowledge and experience in how to training the people who are new to Yoga. All the teacher are unique in their own way but working for a common mission of spreading the knowledge which their yoga master taught them. And we are very sure that you will definetly feel like home in our school.


6.30 am

8.30 am

   Hatha Yoga and Pranayama

9.00 am

10.00 am


10.30 am

11.30 am

   Theory: Yoga Philosophy

12.00 am

1.00 pm

   Mantra Yoga

1.00 pm

3.00 pm

   Lunch, Assignment and Rest

3.00 pm

4.00 pm

   Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

5.00 pm

6.45 pm

   Vinyasa flow yoga

6.45 pm

7.45 pm

   Yoga Nidra & Meditation

8.00 pm

9.00 pm


Our Curriculum


Course Topic

Yoga Asana

  • Core Principles of Hatha Yoga Practice.
  • Meditative pose .
  • Structuring and sequencing the postures.
  • Forward Bending pose.
  • Full health assessment on asana.
  • Backward Bending pose.
  • Traditional sun salutation series.
  • Vinyasa
  • Sun salutation with root mantra series
  • Relaxation pose
  • Sequence steps of doing asana confidently
  • Inverted pose
  • Moon salutation series
  • Kneeling pose
  • Joints and glands exercise
  • Standing pose
  • Balancing pose
  • Twisting pose.

Yoga Philosophy

  • History and origin of yoga.
  • Why we have disturbed mind, distracted mind, and stupefied mind in yogic science?.
  • What is yoga?.
  • What is celibacy and sex in yogic science?.
  • What is Hatha Yoga?.
  • Why we suffer?.
  • What is Ashtanga Yoga?( eight limbs of yoga).
  • What made us to get disease in yogic science.
  • What is Ekagrah?.
  • What is knowledge and wisdom in yoga?.
  • What is kundalini?.
  • What is karma?.
  • What is chakra?.
  • What is sleep in yoga?.

Relaxation Techniques:

  • Point to point full body relaxation technique
  • Yoga Nidra for insomnia
  • Emotional body relaxation
  • Minor and major chakra relaxation.
  • Deep causal body relaxation


  • Four qualities of yogic breathing.
  • What is pranic healing?
  • Importance of diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Kapalbati.
  • Stress and stress less related breathing techniques.
  • Bhastrika.
  • What is pranayama?.
  • Ujjai.
  • What are five sub prana in yogic science?
  • Shetali and shetkari.
  • What is ida, pingala and sushumna ?
  • Nadi shodhanam.
  • What is nadi?
  • Psychological effect of yogic breathing.
  • Brahmari.


    Breath awareness meditation Inner light meditation Chakra awareness meditation Body less meditation
    Mantra Awareness meditation Walking meditation Full moon meditation Third eye meditation.

Mantra Yoga

  • What is OM?
  • Mantra for fearless living
  • What is mantra mean?
  • Mantra for wisdom
  • What is tantra mean?
  • Mantra for universal master.
  • How to create positive vibration or energy with mantra yoga?.

Yogic Anatomy

  • Yogic skeletal and joints system
  • Yogic physiology
  • Yogic respiratory system
  • Yoga safety while doing asana and pranyama practices
  • Muscular system and usage of some important muscles in yogic exercise
  • Nature of lunar energy, solar energy and neutral flow energy.
  • Yogic anatomy of spinal cord and its importance
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