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Knee Pain Treatment

As one gets older, the complaint of knee pain increases. This is not just the case for older people. Ruptured ligament or torn cartilage can cause knee pain. Many other health issues can lead to knee pain. It becomes vital to go to a doctor in all these cases as simple exercises can not treat them. The minor pain can arise due to mismanagement, or in case one does not take self-care. These factors are as follow: • Overweight: The excess weight puts pressure on the knee and hence leads to significant knee problems. • Lack of muscle strength: When the muscles lack strength or flexibility, the chances become high of knee pain. • Inactivity: Too much rest is also not good for health. The inactivity makes the knee muscles weak and hence leads to pain. In case of minute pain, one can do the following to get instant relief: • Tai Chi is a Chinese form of exercise. It helps in improving balance and flexibility. • The heating pad is best to massage the knee muscles and get comfort. • Swimming or some other water exercise keeps the leg muscles active and hence reduces the chance of knee pain.

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