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Hatha Yoga

In our body we have two energies that is sun energy and moon energy. Hatha means harnessing the body that has a certain hatham or stiffness about it in its set patterns of behaviour and movement. Hatha means forceful. It means balancing the energies. We have two energies in our body. Ha – sun, tha – moon. It is prana and apana. In hatha yoga we balance prana and apana. It gives first attention to body. It is a practice of breath and body control. It develops the theory of postures and breathing. The hatha yoga has six division 1. Dhouti 2. Basti 3. Neti 4. Asana 5. Mudra 6. Pranayama Hatha yoga provides complete control over the body and mind thereby to achieve good health to pursue. Raja yoga which shall lead to ultimate happiness Hatha yoga school are based on 1. Classical ( based on yoga sutra ) 2. Advaitha Vedanta ( based on veda ) 3. Tantra ( based on reading ) Upanishad

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