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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain which used to be a concern for older people, has become a common issue in our youths and adults. Hours of working in offices or studying are some of the significant reasons. Also, children spend most of their time sitting in front of computers, which leads to back pain. Apart from this, injury and medical issues are also the primary reasons. Our back is made of many delicate parts like bones and cartilages. The injury or problem in any part can lead to hazardous back issues. One should never neglect back pain. If it becomes too intense, it is advised to go see a doctor. Some of the primary treatments of back pain that we can do at home are as follow: • Exercise is one of the most help remedy to get relief from back pain. It helps in loosening the tight muscles. • The massage with an ice pack or heating pad reduces the inflammation of muscle. • Minimum 30 seconds of stretching helps in reducing the pain. One should avoid the hunched sitting position and constant wearing of heels as much as possible. Our vertebrates are very delicate with which our whole body is connected. It is essential to look out for any back pain.

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